RV Rental Options

For a revolutionary and modern way to travel and camp, let Annapolis RV Center get you situated in a luxuriously spacious and amenity-filled RV rental. Our premium RV rentals are the ideal mode of transportation for exploring Baltimore MD, and the surrounding areas.

Whether traveling solo or with a group, you’re sure to find an irreplaceable level of convenience when you rent an RV in Baltimore for your expedition. We also offer a pickup and delivery service per request. Contact us directly at (410) 280-0800 today for more information about any of our travel trailers or motorhomes. We accept online quote requests for your added convenience.

Perks and Benefits of Renting RVs

No matter the destination—whether it be in Maryland or Washington DC—having a reliable, spacious RV rental at your disposal is imperative for any group travel or lengthy trip. Here are some of the perks provided to you when renting an RV in Baltimore and beyond:

  • Flexibility – Don’t let the area dictate when and where you get some shuteye.
  • Affordability – Eliminate the need to stay at pricey hotels and frequently stop for food.
  • Convenience – Forget about the rest stops along the way, as each RV rental has a fully functional bathroom.
  • Comfort – Each unit is designed with the idea of “home” in mind.

RV Rental Amenities

Our RV rentals are stocked with the most modern features and amenities, including fully functional kitchens, AC, heat, and private sleeping areas. Some even have satellite/cable TVs and DVD players. You definitely won’t be roughing it when you’re traveling around Baltimore in our luxurious RV rental.

Request Your Quote Today!

Please note that, when reserving an RV for your travels, you must be at least 25 years of age with a valid driver’s license to be eligible to rent. If you meet the criteria, we welcome you to enjoy life on the open road, free to explore all of Maryland’s nooks and crannies. Call our office at (410) 280-0800 today for more details about any of our Baltimore RV rental options, including production trailers, long-term RV rentals and RV repair services.